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We aim to continue to support Algorand Blockchain awareness and adoption via The Algo Leagues NFT community project, storyline, & Block Wars. We intend to develop physical merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc.) out of our existing and future characters and participate in live events that foster awareness, growth, and adoption. 

An equitable and robust NFT commUnity that is driven by Algo Leagues Coin participation rewards, Blockwars, Algo Leagues NFTs, & Merchandise. Algorand is the only blockchain that can provide the scalable, secure, and fast infrastructure necessary to power Algo Leagues.

About Us

The Algo Leagues is a Play to (L)Earn superhero-themed NFT story unfolding on Algorand.

Players can collect our NFTs to Wallet Stake, Play the Daily Block Wars Discord Game, PVP, Upgrade NFT rarity,

and participate in other community events to earn AlgoLeagues Coin our In-game participation token.

Will you choose to be a superhero or supervillain?

What makes our game different is its spin on the 'play to earn' blockchain game model

- the Algo Leagues is the first to create and follow a play-to-(L)Earn (Learn and Earn) model.

We aim to provide a Discord Game and NFT community that emulates the progression of the Algorand Blockchain.

Meet The Algo Leagues Genesis Team


Eddie Pabon, CEO
Creative Director

Jalissa Fulton Headshot 2.png

Jalissa Fulton
Head of Storyline Development/

Co-Manager of Operations


Jessie Paulino
Art Director

Collaborations & Partnerships

Coming Soon
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