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How To Play

Golden Steel Plate
  • In order to participate in Block Wars you MUST have an Algorand Wallet (available on IOS and Android App stores!

  • Purchase our Rare, Epic, Legendary & Neapolitan NFTs

  • Swap NFTs and Algo Leagues Coin with other players

  • Collect Catalysts to upgrade your card rarities!

  • Please Read Disclaimer below

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Block Wars Battles & NFT Wallet Staking:

Wallet Staking Explained;

  • Keep Your NFTs in your wallet. (They can't be listed for sale on marketplaces when we snapshot NFT holders) 

            Based on the amount and rarity they will drop you Algo Leagues Coin (ALC);

  1. Rare (Bronze) - 50 ALC

  2. Epic  (Silver) - 100 ALC

  3. Legend (Gold) - 200 ALC (Cerberus 250)

  4. Neapolitan (1/1s) - 350 ALC

  • Wallet Staking Rewards (ALC) will be dropped to your wallet Mondays. (While Supply Lasts. Subject to change at any time)


LeaderBoard Legends

  • Land a position in the top 3 for a chance at monthly prizes!

    • Block Wars Win Record

    • Block Wars Entry Streak

    • Block Wars Boost Streak​

  • Server Host Community Events​ - Particpate in Block Wars in other project servers to help your favorite server win Algo Leagues NFTs. 


Discord Trivia 2x Sundays

We aim to add a Learn aspect to the play to Earn model (Play to {L}Earn). One of the ways our team has come with measuring this is by adding an “Algo Learn” Channel in the Algo Leagues Discord. We will host trivia that will have questions about Algorand and the many projects in the Algorand Ecosystem.


Voting Participation Rewards

Your opinions matter to us. From time to time we will ask for you to vote. 

Your participation in these votes will earn you AlgoLeagues Coin!


Hero Catalyst Missions & Bounties

The success of the Algo Leagues Project depends on:

  1. The team's unbridled dedication (We have got that part covered)

  2. Player participation - We will announce missions and bounties for you to participate in and the most dedicated heroes will receive AlgoLeagues Coin rewards.


How To Swap ALC & Utility

  • We will have running auctions and participation prizes that can be obtained by swapping Algo Leagues Coin.

  • You can swap among one another

  • ALC is an official currency on You can list NFTs to be purchased in ALC.

  • ALC is accepted at the Dora's Tacos truck in collaboration with Taco Coin!

  • ALC can opt the Algo Leagues bot into any token for /send & /rain commands.

  • Why collect and swap?

    • Players who have at least one of every NFT from The Algo Leagues Collection will qualify for the "AL Mega Collector" Role in Discord granting 10x entries to all giveaways!


Catalysts Assets & Upgrade Chamber

Catalysts are an essential component for upgrading Algo Leagues Character asset rarity to increase your participation rewards potential, unlock new characters, and participate in the unfolding Story of The Algo Leagues.

Send 1 hero and 3 Catalysts into the chamber and you will receive an upgraded hero in exchange (Subject to available supply and may change overtime as we grow). The assets we receive for the exchange will be put back into the store for new players to enter.

  • You will need all 3 catalysts to be able to upgrade on AlgoGems.

  • You must continuously work together to “Swap” to collect all 3 for the next upgrade opportunity and to solve the block-game trilemma. 

  • Catalysts will be scattered all over the Algoverse (in other project giveaways, auctions, etc) so stay vigilant hero so you don't miss your chance to secure your catalysts!

The 3 main catalysts available at launch are:

1. Security 

ASA ID: 470153662 

2. Decentralization 

ASA ID: 470160671

3. Scalability 

ASA ID: 470157166

More Catalysts to come, and the type of catalyst combinations will be important in the future.

Upgrade Chamber -

Initially, our users will only be able to purchase an original character:

(i.e NFT Etherio) and catalysts (NFT Security, Decentralization, Scalability)

Base characters will be:

“Rare(bronze)” can be evolved into “Epic (Silver)” and “Legends (Gold)”. Neapolitans are not upgradeable.. yet.

As the Algo Leagues CommUnity continues to grow, we plan to modify and evolve the mechanics also. 

DISCLAIMER: Algo Leagues NFT Cards, AlgoLeagues Coin, Packs, Art, and any Algo Leagues product are all inherently worthless and were created for entertainment value only. The commUnity creates any and all value (real or imagined) assigned to them. Prices for getting the NFT Cards are for entertainment in collecting or participation in the Block Wars game and Algo Leagues CommUnity. This is not an investment or security.

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