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ALC Tokenomics

How to Play to (L)Earn
(Subject to evolve/change as we grow)*



ASA ID: 445905873
Creator Wallet Address:

Participation Rewards
Official Wallet Address:

What is Algo Leagues Coin (ALC)?

  • It is an Algo Leagues exclusive in-game participation rewards asset that the team does not plan to sell. We will leave it up to you, the players, to build worth into how you see fit, overtime

  • A Governance token

  • Used to upgrade NFT Rarity in The Upgrade Chamber

  • Used in The Algo Leagues ALC NFT Swap for NFTs 


How does one add value to the coin?

  • You can use it to swap with other players to exchange characters or catalysts

  • Because we never sell it, eventually, it will run out and you the players will decide how much it's worth.

  • For now we will use it to reward you, the players, for your continued participation and support  

  • It will be used a medium of exchange so as you participate you earn Algo Leagues Coin and can exchange that ALC for cool NFTs, Prizes, and more


How many Algo Leagues Coins are there?

  •  1 Billion (1,000,000,000) total supply


How do you plan to use the total supply?

  • We as a team have opted into an Algorand Community-Driven Approach:
    The community will Participate to Learn, Earn, and build worth into the Algo Leagues Coin as the project develops;

    • 350 Million to Player Participation Rewards (In Circulation)

    • 320 Million to Algo Leagues Creator Wallet - Partnerships & Collaborations 

    • 330 Million to Algo Leagues Team Split 


How to L(E)arn Participation Rewards (ALC, Etc)?

  • Purchase and Collect Algo Leagues Official Characters to become apart of the community

  • Wallet Staking - Receive ALC airdrops weekly for holding your NFTs!

  • Battle in the Block Wars - Commit your heroes or villains to participate in the daily battles and earn ALC (Discord Game)  

  • Weekly Discord Chat Level - Earn for participation in community

  • Weekly Discord Trivia - Test your knowledge for a chance to win prizes

  • Voting (Governance) Participation Rewards (Coming Soon)

  • Hero Catalyst Missions & Bounties

  • Catalysts Assets & Upgrade Events - Upgrade Chamber (Discord)

  • We will continuously innovate to find creative ways for you to earn!

Participation Rewards
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