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ALC Tokenomics

How to Play to (L)Earn
(Subject to evolve/change as we grow)*


ASA ID: 445905873
Creator Wallet Address:

Participation Rewards
NFD: AlgoLeagues.Algo

AlgoLeagues Bot

NFD: Bot.AlgoLeagues.Algo


Participation Rewards

 1  |  What is Algo Leagues Coin (ALC)?

  • It is an Algo Leagues exclusive in-game participation rewards asset that the team does not plan to sell. We will leave it up to you, the players, to build worth into how you see fit, over time

  • A Governance token

  • Used to upgrade NFT Rarity in The Upgrade Chamber

  • Used in The Algo Leagues ALC NFT Swap for NFTs 

 2  |  How does one add value to the coin?

  • You can use it to swap with other players to exchange characters or catalysts

  • Because we never sell it, eventually, it will run out and you the players will decide how much it's worth.

  • For now we will use it to reward you, the players, for your continued participation and support  

  • It will be used a medium of exchange so as you participate you earn Algo Leagues Coin and can exchange that ALC for cool NFTs, Prizes, and more

 3  |  How many Algo Leagues Coins are there?

  •  1 Billion (1,000,000,000) total supply

 4  |  How do you plan to use the total supply?

  • We as a team have opted into an Algorand Community-Driven Approach:
    The community will Participate to Learn, Earn, and build worth into the Algo Leagues Coin as the project develops;

    • 350 Million to Player Participation Rewards (In Circulation)

    • 320 Million to Algo Leagues Creator Wallet - Partnerships & Collaborations 

    • 330 Million to Algo Leagues Team Split 

 5  |  How to L(E)arn Participation Rewards (ALC, Etc)?

  • Purchase and Collect Algo Leagues Official Characters to become apart of the community

  • Wallet Staking - Receive ALC airdrops weekly for holding your NFTs!

  • Battle in the Block Wars - Commit your heroes or villains to participate in the daily battles and earn ALC (Discord Game)  

  • Weekly Discord Chat Level - Earn for participation in community

  • Weekly Discord Trivia - Test your knowledge for a chance to win prizes

  • Voting (Governance) Participation Rewards (Coming Soon)

  • Hero Catalyst Missions & Bounties

  • Catalysts Assets & Upgrade Events - Upgrade Chamber (Discord)

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